Fine Art by Linda McCord

 Watercolor, acrylic & pastel paintings.  Silk fusion, wearable art

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My art is an expression of an inner need to escape and find a place where I can go on a creative journey while exploring light and shadow, repetition of shapes and contrasts of various kinds. These form together to create a sense of rhythm. The viewer is invited to come along and travel to the focal point, rest there awhile then move on to explore each nuance of the secret places in the image. Although I work in many mediums, my work usually includes the human figure. I love light and shadow and the way the light forms to make various shapes. It is these shapes that I focus on in my work. I repeat the positive shapes in the negative areas while trying to create a sense of rhythm. I love color, but value is more important to me. Contrast of any type excites me. With all of my work that involves color, I prefer to use transparent layers rather than direct application. I decide on composition and color by doing a series of thumbnail sketches and paintings. I plan my work carefully, and although the major decisions are made before I start any piece of work, I leave room for flexibility while the work is in progress.
I owe my creativity to the Lord. I am so thankful for this wonderful talent that was so very difficult for me to develop. The Lord took my hand even before I knew Him and gave me the perseverance to stay with it until creativity became a part of me. My talent has been a blessing especially through the difficult periods of my life. Praise God for His wonderful gift!