Fine Art by Linda McCord

 pastel, acrylic, watercolor, silk fusion and wearable fiber art

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In the 90's

In the 90's
A collection of watercolors

"In the 90's" is a series of art about my mother's life after she turned 90 years old. I have attempted to show glimpses of the things she enjoyed doing, as well as, some more somber moments. She loved babies, so I have included several paintings of her with her great, great granddaughter, Leah. She liked drinking her coffee out of China cups, reading, sewing, cooking, knitting and she loved her dog, Peppy.

In her younger years, Mom loved to fish and hunt. She did this mainly to feed her six children that she raised without the aid of a husband. When she was in her seventies and eighties, she was still chopping her own firewood while living in the mountains. She had no running water, so she packed water daily. She also had to fight off bears that threatened to raid the trailer that was her home. I asked her why she went to all that work when she could live with modern conveniences, and she said, "I love the animals and the beauty and solitude of the woods". She was a real pioneer in her younger years, and she was a very strong, independent woman even in her ninety's.

Linda McCord
Painter, printmaker, photographer

Service for One

                            "On the Mend"

                                                              "In the Red"

                                                "Busy work'"

                                            "Daily News"

                              "Window Seat"

                                "Mom's Sewing Room"

                     "The Blues"

                                "Morning Brew"

                                    "Friend to the End"


                    "A Look at the Future"

                                     "Stir Crazy"

Sunday at Pop's

watercolor, pastel and acrylic

African Festival

A series of nineteen watercolors derived from the African Festival in Detroit



                                    Hanging in There

Rings and Things

                                              Out on a line

                                Movin On

Fur Hat


                                             Back to Back

The Photographer

                          The Man Behind Her

                                          Silk Hat