In the 90's online exhibit
Watercolor Paintings
Camelback Gallery, May-June 2022
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Busy Work (2).jpg
A MEND J.jpg


Funny Pages won 1st place at LightSpaceTime Gallery Figurative competition based in New Mexico. "Busy Work (pictured above) won a special merit award. To see exhibit, please click the button below.

12th Figurative 2022 - Art Exhibition Event Postcard(1).jpg

Colors of Humanity Gallery, Yellow Theme
"Service for One" won 1st Place, 2022

Service for One, small.jpg

Art Room Gallery Yellow Theme
"Yellow Gown" & "Window Seat" won 1st Place 2022
Yellow Gown.jpg

Art Room Gallery, Colors
"In the Round"  & "Two of a Kind" won 1st Place
In the Round.jpg
Two of a Kind.jpg