Silk Fusion

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Silk fusion as fine art. These silk fusion wall pieces are framed under glass with top quality archival mats and backing. Some are mounted on Arches Cover or Rives BFK, archival printmaking papers. Beautiful, elegant top of the line metal frames surround each piece of artwork. Measurements include mats and frames.


Dwellings are found everywhere. In the water, air, land and some places not so common. I decided to take a journey to discover all the ways creatures live to survive. The ways people live, some at the top, some surviving day to day. This will be an exciting trip for me as I travel to places I'm not that familiar with. I hope to bring this journey to a close with twenty new pieces of work. Pictured here is the beginning of  my trip. Please enjoy!

Natural Disasters

Mount St Helen’s volcano was the first natural disaster that I experienced up close. More recently the fires in California, especially Paradise where I lived as a child, left me saddened by the devastation and the loss of lives. It seemed fitting to express my feelings in this series of work.  “Natural Disasters” is a series of work done using silk fusion, also known as silk paper. It is a process using silk slivers adhered together using a medium. I have added gold, silver and copper to some of the images. Yarns, fabric and found objects are prevalent in several pieces in the series. I love this medium since it is full of surprises, much like etching that I did many years ago. It’s the element of surprise that excites me.