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McThread's Wearable Art

About my Felted  Art

Nuno felting: I use silk or a thin see-through natural fiber as a base and felt fine merino wool into the fabric. This is done through laying out the design on bubble wrap, wetting the design with soapy water, rolling it up on a PVC pipe and continuing to roll hundreds of times until the wool comes through the fiber.  Next I  unroll it and throw the bundle into the sink numerous times to finish it. It is rinsed well and sometimes soaked in a vinegar solution.

My three dimensional work is felted halfway through the process, painted, then I finish felting it.


Wet felting: My purse and hats are usually done with heavier wool (especially the purses) and wet felted. With wet felting the fiber is laid out on a plastic pattern with slivers of alternating directions of merino wool added in four layers on each side. It is then wet down with soapy water and finished in the same manner as the nuno felting. Some of the purses and hats include nuno felting. Some of my pieces are

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