My work is more mathematical than emotional.  I like manipulating the viewer to take a trip through the painting, to rest at the focal point briefly and move on. I love light and shadow and the way the light forms to make various shapes. It is these shapes that I focus on in my work. I repeat the positive shapes in the negative areas while striving to create a sense of rhythm. I love color, but value is more important to me. Contrast of any type excites me. With all my work that involves color, I prefer to use transparent layers rather than direct application. I decide on composition and color by doing a series of thumbnail sketches and paintings. I plan my work carefully, and although the major decisions are made before I start any piece of work, I leave room for flexibility while the work is in progress. I love challenges, so I am continually setting higher goals, and I am not afraid to take risks. I work in my studio six days a week for eight to ten hours a day. It is what I love doing.

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