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Biography about Linda McCord.

Linda McCord works in watercolor, acrylic, silk fusion, and all the printmaking mediums. She does a vast array of subject matter and is one of the rare artists that does realism as well as abstracts. She loves challenges and when a medium becomes too easy, she moves on to a new medium or sets up more complex compositions. She was a gallery owner for 10 years, and taught painting and printmaking at her local college. She has taken international awards too numerous to list including the prestigious MiKiHASi Memories Gold Award, a film and exhibit for her watercolor series, In the 90's. Her art is in private and corporate collections throughout the world. She is a signature member of ISAP, NWWS, GWS, and CWA. McCord’s realistic work has been described as abstract realism. McCord says, “I design my art around mathematical concepts rather than emotion.”

Her paintings have been published in several books: Creating Exceptional Color in Acrylic by Lexi Sundell, Painting in Acrylic, the Indispensable guide by Lorena Kloosterboer, The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques, edited by Caroline West. 

Published works of  Linda McCord

IArt didn't come easy for Linda McCord. In fact, her husband, Curly, said "Honey, art is obviously not your thing, so why don't you find another hobby." This only determined her to try harder. She attended American River College in Sacramento, California where she studied design and drawing. It took five years and a lot of hard work, but Linda was finally able to frame, sign and sell her work. She said, "Suddenly I could see light and shadow, forms and shapes. Once I drew a face, I knew where I belonged."

Fine Art by McCord
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