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International Awards
for Abstracts

Fusion Art Gallery Colorful Abstracts

Lost Treasures won a 3rd place

Gallery Ring Abstracts
Best of Show
"Tide Waves"
Camelback Gallery: Platinum Award - Best in Show
Fusion Art's All Women Competition: 2nd place in Traditional & 4th overall
Art Show International abstract theme: Talent award
Artist Space Gallery Abstract: Winners award
Global Painting Conclave abstract 2023: Platinum award
Light Space Time 2023 Abstracts, 2nd place
Reptile 2.jpg

Camelback Gallery Red Abstracts

Red Rising won a Bronze Award.

Contemporary Art Room Gallery Abstracts
Merit Award
"Down Under"
Bronze Award

At Contemporary Art Room Gallery
3rd place
"Changing Spots"

        At Gallery Ring
"Changing Spots" won the Ruby Award
for the month of October and Artist of the Year 2022 Sapphire Award

At Grey Cube Gallery
"Changing Spots" won a
Merit Award

It's a Jungle.jpg
Gallery Ring Abstracts
Crystal Award
Grey Cube Gallery Patterns and Texture
2nd Place
_________________________________Light, Space, Time Art Gallery
Patterns, Textures, & Forms

2nd Place
"Tide Wave"
Grey Cube Gallery Open Theme
Tide Wave
Merit Award
Contemporary Art Room Gallery Blue Theme
Merit Award
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Contemporary Art Room Gallery, Blue Theme
Merit Award

Beach Front.jpg
---------------------------------------------------------------Gallery Ring Animals
Birds of a Feather
Crystal Award
Birds of a Feather.jpg
--------------------------------------------------------------- Fusion Art, 6th Annual Skies
Midnight Storm
Honorable Mention
Midnight Storm.jpg
Camelback Gallery Abstract theme
Bronze Award
Artist Space Gallery Abstracts
Winner's Award
Fine Art by McCord
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