Silk Fusion

Silk fusion also know as silk paper. It is normally made to use a book covers and other types of crafts. I decided it would make wonderful wall art, so I set out on an adventure with several themes in mind for this. It is a process using silk slivers adhered together using a medium. I have added gold, silver and copper to some of the images. Yarns, fabric and found objects are prevalent in several pieces in the series. I love this medium since it is full of surprises, much like etching that I did many years ago. It’s the element of surprise that excites me.


Dwellings are everywhere and are used by animals, humans, insects, and such. In this series of silk fusions, I have attempted to include creative places to hangout or to live.

Natural Disasters

Mount St Helen’s volcano was the first natural disaster that I experienced up close. More recently the fires in California, especially Paradise where I lived as a child, left me saddened by the devastation and the loss of lives. It seemed fitting to express my feelings in this series of work.