Dreams of Nature                                 

Fluid Acrylic

Interpretation of dreams was popular even in Bible times, and some psychologists use dreams as an analytical theory today.  These images seemed dreamlike and are intended to represent nature. The emphasis is on texture, line, and pattern.  Dreams of Nature is presented in three parts: Water, Night Vision, and Sleep Walk.

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Night Vision
Dark Dreams

In the first section of Dreams of Nature, discovers elements in the dark of night. Find the dramatic and sensual as night surrounds us in our dreams.  Imagine floating through these dreams as you view them.

The Sound of Water
Calm and Connected

The second section of Dreams of Nature is about water and the senses it brings. Our brains are hardwired to react positively to water. Being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what's broken. As you explore these art pieces, imagine the sound of water.

Sleep Walk
Nature walk

This section of Dreams of Nature is about sleep walking through land and the environment with visions of nature and all it has to offer. As we "sleepwalk" through these,  we discover botanical variations, living creatures and fantasy images.

Silk Fusion

Dwellings are everywhere and are used by animals, humans, insects, and such. In this series of silk fusions, I have attempted to include creative places to hangout or to live.

         Natural Disasters
Silk Fusion

 Mount St Helen’s volcano was the first natural disaster that I experienced up close. More recently the fires in California, especially Paradise where I lived as a child, left me saddened by the devastation and the loss of lives. It seemed fitting to express my feelings in this series of work.