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Dreams of Visions

Dreams of Nature                                

Daydreams are a means of exploring the imagination and working out issues through the means of imagined rehearsals. Daydreams can also help relieve anxiety.  Daydreams are a visionary creation of the imagination experienced while awake much the same as an artist  creating  a work of art.  I personally experience this when I get an idea for a series of art.

Imaginative Daydreams
Heavenly dreams
Red Dreams

. Red symbolizes romance, passion, power, anger, danger, and warning signs. My goal in Red Dreams was to awaken feelings of power, passion, and maybe even a little danger lurking about the edges.

Miniature Fluid Art

Silk Fusion

Dwellings are everywhere and are used by animals, humans, insects, and such. In this series of silk fusions, I have attempted to include creative places to hangout or to live.