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Dreams of Visions

Dreams of Nature                                

Daydreams are a means of exploring the imagination and working out issues through the means of imagined rehearsals. Daydreams can also help relieve anxiety.  Daydreams are a visionary creation of the imagination experienced while awake much the same as an artist  creating  a work of art.  I personally experience this when I get an idea for a series of art.

Imaginative Daydreams
Heavenly dreams
Red Dreams

 Red symbolizes romance, passion, power, anger, danger, and warning signs. My goal in Red Dreams was to awaken feelings of power, passion, and maybe even a little danger lurking about the edges.

White Out
Peace and serenity

White dreams are those instances where there is a distinct feeling of having dreamed, yet being unable to recall any specific details. In this section these might be some of the forgotten dreams.

All of us have had waking or sleeping visions that we have hesitated to tell others about for fear of being ridiculed. As you walk through my visions, the interpretation is up to you. Some of the vision represented in this series may come from dreams, spiritual perceptions, trance, mind, or open visions. As an artist, I must face my visions with courage and not hesitate to share what is in my heart and mind.

Above the Crowd
Flying dreams

The first section, Above the Crowd, is about soaring high in our dream state.

It's about freedom and getting our Heavenly wings. We are looking down on the world and viewing things with new eyes and a new perspective. Either you feel free and liberated, or you long to escape current responsibilities.

Night Flight

 It’s a venture into dark dreams of flying objects. Technically, I have worked on formulas for creating larger cells and incorporating crackle three dimensional valleys into the linear parts of the image. My major focus in on the movement and rhythm of the pieces in this series.