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Painting a Figure in Acrylic on Paper
Fluid Acrylic (acrylic pouring) Swipe Method
Painting a Car in Acrylic on Canvas

There are at least ten methods to use for  acrylic pouring that are can be used as fine art. Most of the success is in mixing the paint and cell enhancer. No oil is used in my pourings.

Pour satin house paint on your canvas to create a "pillow." Layer desired colors of acrylic paint on top of pillow.

May be worked with a palette knife at this point.

"Swipe" with cell enhancer that is applied to a palette knife. For cell enhancer, mix un-tinted house paint with min-wax.

Tilt canvas, then work design with palette knife. May be painted in small areas after dry.  Varnish when finished.

Below: Finished result

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