Acrylic Paintings

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Car Show

I have focused on the reflections in this group of paintings. The cars are secondary. These are derived from photographs I took at a car show on Commerce Avenue in Longview about 2011. I was looking for a strong series of work recently when I ran across these older photos. I'm fascinated with contrasts of any kind, and I love reflections, so this was perfect. Although I knew these would be much easier to do in watercolor, I didn't want to display them under glass, so I chose to do them as acrylic on canvas. I'll be adding to this series each week or so as I finish the pieces.

Wayward Flowers 

IWayward Flowers is a series of acrylic paintings that are derived from flowers, then the flowers are distorted to focus on composition and the way one travels throughout the paintings.

Passing Through

"Passing Through" is a series of city overpasses and country roads. These wanted to be more abstract/impressionistic paintings that are focused on rhythm and movement. More coming later after I finish the Car Show series.

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